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Preferred Rates

Our volume of referrals and personal rapport with our financial sources allows us to provide you with discounted rates. Not only do we get competitive rates as a matter of course, thanks to our volume of referrals, but our extensive network of lenders means we can shop and compare until we find the very best rate on your behalf.

We do the research for you and eliminate the time and guesswork involved in finding the highest possible credit line as well as the most competitive loan rate. Funding Fanatics makes sure you get the financing that supports your current needs as well as your future capitalization requirements.

Pre-Approval that Makes a Difference

Funding Fanatic's CEO owned a successful staffing service for 16 years. That, plus 29 additional years working in the staffing/funding sector means we fully understand the financial side of your business.

When we pre-approve you for funding, the lenders in our network take notice. Funding Fanatics pre-approval process is what gets you the preferred rates and priority treatment you can expect from us.

Vouch for Your Financial Strength!

We know that many end users, clients , prospects, and VMO's are skeptical when it comes to awarding a large contract to a mid-sized independent. Our ABL & A/R lenders will issue a letter to our referrals attesting to your financial capability. You can enclose this instrument with a project bid or use as another weapon in your arsenal to secure additional business with current clients. Everyone wants to know that their vendor has adequate capitalization; we can help.

There’s no fee
to you for
securing the best rates!
Our extensive network includes
• Asset-based Lenders
• Factoring Companies
• Industry Funders
• Banks