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Our Services

Funding Fanatics is a Financial Broker. We make referrals to dozens of different types of funding sources. Our mission is to find you the right lender to support your business operation no matter how quickly you grow. We have the extensive proven network to get you the very best rates.

Here are some of our services:

Credit Line Tell us how much you need and we will secure it !
Rates Our buying power enables us to get better rates from funders than if you approached them directly.
Liasion After we pre-approve you, we refer you to the lender in our vast network that can best serve you.

We then stay with you every step of the way as your advocate until you sign a beneficial contract with the lender.

Flexibility We only refer to lenders that totally understand the nature of the staffing industry. They stand beside you in bad times as well as good.
Capitalization We only work with financing firms who are properly capitalized and can support their customer's exponential growth.

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