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Back Office Outsourcers

Funding Fanatics connects you at no fee to you!

Your temporary workers and clients are your greatest asset. Their data must be handled in the most confidential and efficent manner. Funding Fanatics can help you outsource your non-income producing back office processing to tried and proven independent centers that are not owned by a staffing or funding company.

We deal with highly experienced professionals who work exclusively with staffing services. Funding Fanatics will connect you to the industries’ most respected firms who understand the ever-changing reporting requirements of your valued clients.

We have also done extensive research and identified the vendors who can assist you in the workers' compensation and/or PEO arenas. These companies are part of our large staffing network. We do not recieve a commission or charge you for referring you to these industry specialists.


for back
office services are
less than 1%

Payroll Processing and On-Premises Check Processing
Tax Filings
Workman’s Comp Accruals
Client Billing including All Customer- Requested Information
Staffing Industry Tracking Software